02 October 2011

Types of asthma

There are different classifications of asthma. In terms of origin can be divided into intrinsic and extrinsic asthma asthma or allergic. The origin of intrinsic asthma is unknown and is detected more frequently in adulthood. Has a worse prognosis than allergic in nature and tends to become chronic. Extrinsic asthma, meanwhile, is an antigen-antibody reaction that triggers the process. It mainly affects children and young adults, is characterized by brief attacks and reversible bronchospasm with wheezing and shortness of breath, and controlled with proper treatment.
The allergy is a disorder of the body's defense mechanism consisting of an exaggerated reaction by means of a special antibody (immunoglobulin E), to substances that, in principle, are not harmful (pollens, mites, dander, food or drugs) . When these antibodies, which are fixed in certain cells, bind to the allergen, it causes the release of certain substances that, directly or through other cells, causing inflammation of the organ where they settle (bronchi, nose, eyes or skin ). There is an inherited predisposition to suffer from allergies, but exposure to allergens is needed to develop the disease.
Asthma can also be classified as mild, moderate or severe, depending on the frequency and intensity of symptoms, the way it affects the daily activity and the degree of bronchial obstruction. Mild asthma can be controlled by drug treatment and usually does not affect the daily lives of the sick, the treatment requires moderate asthma more severe and interferes with daily activities of patients, and severe asthma requires continuous control and can endanger the lives of people who suffer.

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