17 October 2011

Asthma and cigarette

Smoking is unhealthy for everyone, but especially for those with asthma . When a person smokes, their lungs may not work as well as they should. The person may cough and feel tired more short of breath. The snuff irritates the airways , causing them to swell, narrow, and filled with sticky mucus, exactly the same things that cause breathing problems in people with asthma. For this reason, if a person with asthma smokes , you're more likely to have asthma attacks more frequent and more severe.
Being a smoker carries an obvious risk to health, but being around people who smoke - and become smoke by breathing smoke they produce - can also cause problems. Parents can help their children or teen-age children with asthma by protecting them from the effects of smoke snuff.


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  2. Smoking is strictly prohibited for the one who have asthma as it can create breathing issues problem.
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  3. Asthmatic patient if take cigarette they may have breathing issue and this may lead them to asthma attack and therefore doctors strictly prohibited cigarette to asthmatic patient.
    asthma and breathing issues


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