18 June 2011

Children with asthma, what sport should do?

Asthma is the football

The truth is that if the exercise is not only necessary for children without respiratory distress, but also it is and more so for children with asthma.
But this is a very vague response in asthmatic children need to plan what exercises can I do, How much exercise is healthy in these cases?, At what time is needed? ... These are questions that every asthmatic, or family asthma has been done at some time during the course of their disease.
The ideal sport for asthmatics ( according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology ), is swimming , due to the humid environment, the superior muscle tone and horizontal position (which may actually loosen mucus from the bottom of the lungs).
On the other hand sports that could be undesirable are:
- Cross-country skiing.
- Basketball.
- Light athletic.
- Hockey.
But almost all well-controlled asthma can do any sport.
There are some recommendations that all athletes with asthma should take into account:
- You may need to be made one or two puffs of the inhaler before and after exercise.
-         Avoid exercising in very low temperatures.
- If exercising during cold weather, wear a scarf over your mouth and nose, so that the air breathed in is warm and easier to inhale.
- If you inhale air through your mouth , keep the mouth pursed (lips together forming a small "O"), so that the air is less cold and dry when it enters the airways during exercise.
- Carry an inhaler, if you have an asthma attack
- Avoid exercise when experiencing a viral infection.
1 in 10 sports hese young people suffer asthma, but this should not prevent them from enjoying the sport or even compete at high levels. Exercise is beneficial for people with asthma, provided they take appropriate precautions. Work with your doctor to find out what the best way to control your asthma so you can keep enjoying the sport and the activities you enjoy.

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