05 July 2011

Important: It is what you should avoid doing if you suffer from asthma?

  1. Avoid intense physical activity a day when asthma is not controlled.
  2. Avoid strenuous exercise if you have a respiratory infection (colds, bronchitis, ...).
  3. Never make a strenuous exercise if you notice wheezing or has a bad cough.
  4. For those asthmatics that their doctor has recommended peak flow meter , never exercise if you are in the yellow zone (should be very moderate).
  5. Avoid whenever possible cold and dry environments. If you were to do an exercise in those conditions, wear a mask like surgeons.
  6. Avoid intense exercise or last long, especially until it has reached a good physical condition and not know the personal boundaries of the exercise.
  7. Avoid exercising in polluted environments or smoke .

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