11 October 2011

How can you control the exercise-induced asthma?

Stretching and proper warm-up exercises and may relieve any chest tightness that occurs with exercise. In addition, breathing through the nose and not your mouth will help warm and humidify the air before it enters the airways, protecting the delicate lining of the airways.
Other ways to help prevent an asthma attack induced by exercise include the following:
  • Your doctor may prescribe an inhaled asthma medication for use before exercise, which can also be used after exercise if symptoms occur.
  • Avoid exercising in temperatures very low.
  • If exercising during cold weather, wear a scarf over your mouth and nose , so the air you breathe is warm and easier to inhale.
  • Avoid exercising when pollen levels and air pollution are high ( if allergy plays a role in asthma) .
  • If inhaling air through the mouth, keep the mouth pursed (lips together to form a small "O"), so that the air is less cold and dry when it enters the airways during exercise. 
  • Carry an inhaler , just in case an asthma attack.
  • Use an allergy mask during pollen season.
  • Avoid exercise when experiencing a viral infection.


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