19 August 2011

What happens if you start an exercise in crisis?

  1. Strive to be calm. If you have made the basic rules, the crisis should not be very strong.
  2. Stop exercising.
  3. Allow to breathe. The partners should not be built around the person having the attack
  4. Take bronchodilator medications as soon as possible.
  5. Start wheezing. Pucker your lips as if about to whistle. This type of breathing allows air to escape the lungs and prevents rapid and shallow breathing, and chest "swell."
  6. When the crisis is resolved, try to go back to class to finish if you are very tired, but make the exercise more smoothly.
  7. If the patient does not recover as in the past should take another dose of bronchodilator and consult a doctor or go to a hospital.

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