07 May 2011

Prevent asthma problems

Relaxed atmosphere for the asthmatic patient , trying not to show the anguish that provokes crisis in the family.
Keep well hydrated by asthmatic mucus secretions to be fluid and easier to pass.
If the asthma is a very emotional person, you should try to change the way you handle problems or joys, which can trigger an attack.
Breathing through the nose and not your mouth especially when you exercise, and drying the back of his throat and cooled can trigger asthma. Hence, swimming is great exercise, because the mouth is closed longer and wetter. Similarly, any exercise is good that requires less physical effort such as baseball, tennis, golf.
Include foods such as fatty fish, fruits and vegetables (especially those high in antioxidant vitamin C) in the diet.

Avoid vegetable oils like sunflower, which are rich in fatty acids and reducing or eliminating meat and animal fat, except fish.

Kick the habit of smoking , and snuff the smoke can be an irritant that causes asthma by paralyzing the tiny hairlike cilia membranes of the respiratory mucosa. If the asthmatic smoker living with a Person who can not quit, he should be asked to smoke outside.
Do not have pets dogs, cats, parrots, etc.. Recommended only fish.
Beware of weather changes , it can be a trigger of asthma.
Remove dust mites and can cause asthma attacks. The following is recommended for elimnarlos or keep them at a minimum:
  • Mattress cover with airtight, dustproof.
  • Wash sheets weekly Callientes water
  • Do not put rugs
  • Use washable curtains
  • Avoid items that trap dust
  • When cleaning dusty areas should wear a mask.
Do not eat ice cream or drink extremely cold , and cold can cause bronchospasm.
Avoid exposure to chemicals such as polyurethane and urethane used in the plastics industry, to clean dry chemical resins and paint industry.
Using inhalers.  If you find that the spray comes out of his mouth, is misusing the device. Nor is it right to introduce the device in the mouth and make a couple of quick sprays should be The way is to keep the inhaler utiizada two or three centimeters from the mouth open, take a deep breath and a half seconds later activate the inhaler. Continue to breathe and then hold your breath between three to five seconds.

It is necessary to go to a doctor when you notice that your asthma is increasing in frequency and is beginning to take more medication than normal.

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