11 April 2011

Use a peak flow meter

The peak flow meter is a device with which by a blow, measure the peak flow value. This value allows us to easily measure the severity of asthma .
The peak flow is the amount of air can be expelled, a forced, lungs, in the first part of expiration. Normal values ​​vary with age and height. In asthmatics these values ​​tend to be diminished, and much more during a crisis, being lower the more intense the crisis of bronchospasm .
It is important to know for each person what is your personal best peak flow . This is the value to be taken into account, since the figures are normal tables orientadoras.Es only the best value obtained by measuring 3 times per day, with the person without a crisis, for 15 days. When using bronchodilators, the measurement must be made ​​before and 20 'after ingestion.
Peak Flow Meter

The peak flow measurement is useful to know:

  • At what point may be useful to give a medicine or stop
  • Whether to modify or not treated (lets us know the degree of bronchial obstruction in that person throughout the day and week)
  • Identify the triggers that cause or increase bronchospasm (contact with an animal, dust, strong smells, emotions, etc ...)
In moderate to severe asthma over 5 years old, you should keep a record of a Peak Flow Meter

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