10 April 2011

Che Guevara and asthma

Che Guevara anecdotes of asthma asthma
The story goes that one of the meetings of Che Guevara's army and the troops of Batista, who had a military force far superior to the "commander", the latter fled climbing the steep slopes of a mountain to get cover. At the time Che was in one of the worst bouts of asthma
suffered by him so far, so much so that one partner had to carry him on their shoulders to avoid being captured. After a chase time of Batista's army began a strong attack with mortars and machine guns.
At that time the Che Guevara forgetting his shortness of breath and discomfort began to run ahead even beating their peers and the top and finding a safe place .
A reason for this Che Guevara used to joke ... "There is no best treatment for an asthma attack the fire of the enemy ..."
based on this anecdote we can ask ...
What is asthma?
How much affects the psychological factor asthma attacks?
Can we act on this factor for asthma?
Luckily today we have a very effective means to treat asthma and prevent attacks, but there are simple factors that together can change the course of asthma.

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