10 March 2011

Asthma Symptoms

During asthma attacks the bronchial mucosa lining the airways swells and produces thick mucus that clogs the ducts of the airways. As a result, the muscles around these tubes tighten and constrict reducing its diameter, prevent the passage of air and complicate breathing. The basic features of the disease are: Inflammation: Increased sensitivity and bronchial obstruction. Sometimes your home is allergic. Produces an increase in secretions and bronchial muscle contraction.
Increased bronchial responsiveness : After exposure to various stimuli (fumes, gases, odors, cold air or exercise), the bronchi of asthmatics are contracted to produce the narrowing of the airway.
Bronchial obstruction : It is variable and reversible spontaneously or with treatment. During the crisis the air circulates with difficulty producing beeps and feeling of fatigue or breathlessness. At the time when the crisis is resolved normally air can move through the bronchial tubes and symptoms disappear.

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