17 October 2010

Children with asthma who live with smokers

  • have asthma attacks more often
  • are more likely to need to go to a medical emergency department following a flare- grave
  • more missing school because of asthma
  • has to take medication to treat asthma more
  • your asthma is more difficult to control, even with medication.
Even children without asthma have more risk of health problems if their parents smoke. These children are more likely to get infections of the upper respiratory tract and developing lung disorders, including asthma. The mere fact that a child is exposed daily to smoke 10 cigarettes increases your risk of developing asthma, even though previously've never had respiratory problems.
And here's the best reason of all for you to quit smoking: the children of parents Smokers are much more likely to smoke when they grow up.
do not have to try to quit on your own. Ask your doctor to indicate possible strategies, from support groups to medication. If you continue to smoke, never do in your home or car.
If your child has asthma, explain to your friends, family and caring for him to snuff the smoke can trigger an asthma attack . Other ways to keep your child breathe in the smoke of other people who smoke snuff include:
  • Do not allow guests to smoke in your home or car.
  • Avoid restaurants and parties where people smoke. Choose non-smoking area is not enough to protect your child.
  • Ask friends and family not to smoke around your child.
  • Choose not to smoke or babysitters, if they smoke, ask them not to smoke with your child.
  • Encourage other family members to stop the snuff.

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